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Biodiversity Registry and Ecosystem Study

EL Domo begins every project with a study of the Water flow pathways and underground channels, Biodiversity presence study. This is done with an intention not to destroy habitats of the birds and mammals present in the property, not to obstruct their pathways. 

The deer is not crossing the road, the road is crossing the forest...

Ongoing Ecosystem observation at Madikeri: 40 varieties of birds have been spotted, 20 Dragonfly varieties, Several butterflies, Insects, Sundew & Bladderwort Carnivorous plants..
A Lot more life is visible around you when you just slowdown, stop and simply look around. Don't dream anymore. Come and stay on the pond side, in a Dome Villa with the backyard open to rich flora and fauna

Registry is in progress by Mr Hopeland & Team from Nansey. Hopeland is an authority on Ecology restoration. He has conducted research and several publications to his credit. All pictures on this page are taken at Slopes of Paradise.

Steps of a Biodiversity survey include

  • Habitat features

  • Species surveys

  • Monitoring and repeat surveys

  • Record Keeping

Analyze the risks; Look for survey information with local authorities and local wildlife groups; Take advantage of the expertise of people with experience in ecology; Choose the best time of the year - for most species, this will be spring and summer; Have someone assist you. You will usually find it easier to survey with two people; Ensure you have all the required equipment.

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Image by Filip Zrnzević