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Farmhouse Solutions

Providing Everything You Need affordable, sustainable, wow experience

Water management

Complete Water Management solution

Ground water management plan becomes mandatory in order to ensure that demand and supply of ground water is balanced and to avoid over exploitation of Ground water. This also ensures water availability even during consecutive drought years (failing of monsoon rainfall). The selection of recharge site is to be carefully done in order to make it very effective for the existing open wells and bore wells. 
Hydro geological survey to be carried out using Pulsed Electromagnetic technology, Vertical and Horizontal Electrical Sounding and Satellite technologies. 

  • Decide on possible bore well locations and recharge locations

  • Location of ponds and other water bodies 

  • Water Masterplan that includes, planning the existing and future water requirement, irrigational needs and sewage treatment. This plan will also address excess water stagnation (if exists) during monsoon months in the low lying areas or increased salinity during summer months. 

  • Achieving Net Zero Water (limiting the consumption of water resources and returning it back to the same watershed so as not to deplete the resources of that region in quantity or quality over the course of the year).

Soil restoration services

  • Soil testing: Sustainable farming focused Physical, Chemical & Microbial Analysis.

  • Improve soil structure, soil nutrients & soil organic carbon.

  • Increase soil moisture (reduce water need) thru appropriate water harvesting cum plant watering technique.

  • Enhance soil microbial activity to improve nutrients available to plants.

  • Appropriate technology used: Soil testing incl. of microbial analysis, Innovative soil revival techniques.

Hands in the Soil
Agronomist Farmer

Organic/Sustainable farming services

  • Integrated Water & Soil restoration: maximize water availability to plants and improve organic crop yield.

  • Integrated Disease & Pest management using efficacy proven traditional methods and microbial bio-control.

  • Promote climate & disease resilient desi/traditional seeds.

  • Marketing organic farm produce & Value added products.

  • Appropriate technology used: GIS, Satellite data analysis, Weather/Rain fall forecasting, Traditional cum Bio control measures for disease & pest management.

Landscaping & Kitchen garden

  • Inspired by Nature's principles, our designs for gardens are as close to the nature's ways and hence most sustainable and pleasing to the human eye. The garden concepts are inspirational for cohabitation and appreciation for other species in Nature.  The species recommended will consume limited resources, low mortality and enhance the diversity of the region.

  • It involves growing fresh, organic vegetables right outside your back door. Kitchen gardening is making a comeback. These small, attractive, and productive vegetable gardens are having a renaissance of sorts. They’re popping up in backyards around the world. We help you design and build one is such a way that they thrive in all season.

Home Grown Vegetables
Miyawaki 2.JPG

Reforestation and Afforestation

Reforestation is the process of planting trees in a place where the number of trees have decreased over time
Afforestation is when new trees are planted or seeds are sown in an area where there were no trees before, creating a new forest.
Reforestation and afforestation are two of the leading nature-based solutions for tackling the effects of climate change.

We can help you recreate a forest in the most cost effective way and also in the least amount of time and we can just get started with land as small as 60 feet by 60 feet.

Nature aligned Building

 Holidays and relaxation homes are designed to reduce your stress and rejuvenate you and recharge you. This can happen automatically when the homes are designed in a natural and eco-friendly way keeping all the Panchaboothas in mind.
Our Eco friendly homes are designed in such a way that they are the culmination of the things that you have been dreaming about all your life in a eco-friendly home

Contact us for Patented 1& 2 BHK affordable WOW farmhouse

4 Bedroom Ground Floor
Splash pool

Homestay Rental income

Since an EL Domo is a house designed in alignment with forces of nature, it is adept for providing relaxation and put a smile on you immediately from the first look. And real estate investments are capital intensive, maintenance is a burden.....both of these can be reduced significantly, alongwith cost of ownership/ maintenance by opting for rental income when you are not usinfg it. We provide a platform to share the joy of sharing an awesome experience with others.

We can facilitate registering your property under Tourism, Govt of India

 or State Tourism as a Homestay, ECOBNB for renting your farmhouse for rental income.

6 rooms are permitted under homestay icensing. The space can be used for Event rentals as well. Contact us for more details for rental augmentation

Own a farmland?

Build with us

[Patented design]

Aesthetic design suitable for Farm house/ Holiday home

Pingala Fibonacci - Nature's secret Golden Ratio design

784 sft super built up area, space required is 28*28 feet
2 BHK with 2 attached toilets
Energy efficient design, Hurricane resistant, Low maintenance, High thermal comfort. Design is made with high density and maximum utility
Astounding price of ₹ 12 lakh onwards [at select locations - For promotional marketing purpose, we are doing 10 houses at below cost price which will serve as a model house in different parts of city outskirts]

Optional paid additions: Splash Pool, Party area gazebo, Meditation pod

*This price is for 10 Early bird bookings only

** GST & Outstation conveyance charges extra

Loans at attractive rates and discounts available. Easy eligibility criteria & quick disbursement for Professionals

Free Range Chicken Farm

Live the Dome Life

You can't be healthy in a sick building.

Find out more about the features of a Dome House


Own a Resort Home in Bangalore

Live your future with us

at Hill View Phase 2 for ₹ 70 lakh only

In what ways can I use a resort home?

Living spaces for happiness, drive down to your own resort every weekend and take a break from city life whenever you feel stressed

Arrange parties and events with your loved ones and share the joy. Getting together with loved ones is a great way to decompress

Give the kids a chance to enjoy lush greenery and their childhood

Hill climbing, trekking, and nature walks are great ways to reconnect with nature

You can work from home in a tranquil environment

Forest bathing soothes your senses - noisy cities dull them. Listen to birds chirping, peacocks dancing around or even toadsong during rainy seasons to sharpen your senses. Experience nature's complex interactions without polluting or generating waste. 

Stargaze in clear skies away from pollution.

Become a forager and learn how to eat healthily

You can still go on holidays elsewhere, of course. You can rent your resort home and travel elsewhere when you need a change of scenery. Your property maintenance, electric bills, and taxes will easily be repaid by rental income from a few days in a month.

Can you tell me what's included in the package?
Included in the package are a quarter acre plot in scenic hilly surroundings with clear titles and road access, a two-bedroom house, a meditation pod, external fencing, and a mini Miyawaki forest. 

A neutral color palette boosts creativity and calms the mind

Design that focuses on wellness and restores circadian rhythms by integrating a microclimate

You can see existing houses at Hill View on our Youtube channel.







Can you tell me what the extra charges are?
Stamp duty for land registration, GST of 18% on construction part, Khata transfer, Building plan approval charges. The process will be facilitated and guided by us in a smooth manner.

Would you recommend any additions to make the experience more enjoyable?

Using a wooden-natural leaf gazebo for parties, kids' play areas, splash pools with Jacuzzi nozzles for spas, and outdoor barbeques.


Can someone look after my property while I'm away?

Besides CCTV and other electronic monitoring, gated communities use security and housekeeping services. If all owners pay together, a very nominal fee will be charged. We can employ these staff with ESI and health insurance benefits so as not to burden you during their difficult times.


Can I earn money from my holiday home?

There are many sites where you can list it, including MakeMyTrip, Airbnb, Ecobnb, etc. Lifelong free listing will be provided by You will receive guidance on how to enhance occupancy, improve user experience, and increase rental income.

How much does recurring maintenance cost?

Property tax, monthly security and housekeeping expenses, gardener if necessary. 

The maintenance of infrastructure such as plumbing and electrical will be free for one year. A nominal fee will be charged for subsequent paid services.

What is the number of neighbors in the community?

During property sales, nature lovers and like-minded people are selected. There are seven houses planned for the property in order to prevent overcrowding.

What is the material of the construction? What is the building's life expectancy?

Market-available cement bricks are used for construction. As with any cement structure, the life expectancy is the same. This type of building has stood for centuries against all odds. They have also stood against US drone bombings in Iraq. Discover how the Dome shape is used in military applications. It is a testament to the dome's strength. The contents of a dome remain intact even when a fire rages outside. When used with a fully jacketed bullet, a 30.06 rifle can easily penetrate bullet-proof vests and concrete blocks, but has difficulty penetrating domes. When pressure is applied to a dome, it dissipates rapidly around the curve. In contrast, pressure is concentrated in the center of a flat surface. As a result of this physical principle, domes are much more likely to survive a blast. This information is to share knowledge on the advantages of the shape. We would never require such features, which requires a different constrution technology. Our purpose is to spread the message for peaceful existence with nature. 

I have a farmland. Is it possible for you to build me a dome house?

Yes, of course. There are both patented unique 2 BHK designs and custom design farm houses for the enthusiast and indulgent.

Do you think it is better than a container house or geodesic dome?

You should stay in such a home before making a decision. For something to be called a living space, thermal comfort is crucial. If you allowed a cow or sheep to choose between a metal container, a geodesic dome, or an EL Domo house during harsh weather, it would choose the shape that aligns with nature and the thermoneutral shade provided by the EL Domo. Our recommendation would be the same for you.

Is there access to water and electricity?

Borewell water is available, and the Yatinhole water project will recharge the surrounding water bodies and underground water channels.
The premises are powered by 220 volts and can also be powered by a shared generator during events and parties. For routine backups, UPS can be used.

Hill View Phase 1

Hill View Phase 1

Hill View Phase 1
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Hill View Exterior

Hill View Exterior

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Live The Dome Life: Luxury Holiday Home Investment

Live The Dome Life: Luxury Holiday Home Investment

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2 2 Dome Channaveeranahalli

2 2 Dome Channaveeranahalli

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