Wikipedia says Sustainability is the capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way across various domains of life. In the 21st century, it refers generally to the capacity for Earth's biosphere and human civilization to co-exist.

EL Domo promotes various initiatives regarding the environment-preservation, sustainable tourism, local economic development, and social impact.


Afforestation is undertaken where the land is barren, using the Miyawaki method, which makes the plants self-sustaining, do not require watering, and grow rapidly. 

We will be starting our own nursery in this regard with a mixt of fruit trees, wild species of flowering plants, medicinal value, fruits edible for birds & mammals only, etc. We have a Vana Mithra Program receiving donations with 80g/12a tax exemption benefits with our NGO partner.

Read more about EL Domo Director Yuvaraj Green passion here

Foggy Forest
Bath Products

Accommodation actions

Avoiding the use of GM products, grocery shopping in local markets only, ecological cleaning products, energy-saving lamps, separate collection & waste segregation, promote public motility - providing the timetables of the public transports or a free shuttle service to the nearest train or bus station, rent-a-bike service to let our guests discover the surroundings in an eco-sustainable way, recharge service for electric cars, flow-reducers in sinks, water-saving toilets, asking guests to help us reduce wastes - Towel change on request, collect and reuse rainwater, rational use of electricity, promote fair-trade products, aim to promote eco-friendly furniture, preserve Biodiversity in green areas - preferring native species, or plants that arise naturally in the environment of the area, Dome Shape provides natural conditioning reducing electricity consumption

Commitments & Certifications

We have taken action towards being a signatory on Planet Earth Tourism Plastics Initiative, and a signatory to Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism

We are in the process of Indian Green Building Certification

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