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Innovative Construction 

Welcome to El Domo 

EcoLogy Dome [Biodiversity Home]


We have a reason to build homes in a forest or create forests around our homes.

An EL Domo is a Biophilic design and most beautiful living space: visit our dome homes, experience the “dome life”

and also get landscaping ideas for inexpensive, green homes.

An EL Domo living space is an effective platform for

stress management, health promotion, psychotherapy, and disease deterrence.
Read here about the Science behind Forest therapy

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EL Domo Hill View Resort home

Holiday Home Sales

Invest wisely, Own profitably

Unique Ecofriendly architecture, well designed living spaces in rich ecosystems. Putting LIFE into your life.

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Holiday Home Rentals

Green Holiday Homes  
Promote Responsible Tourism
Lake view Restaurant
Weddings, Birthdays, Event space
Photo & Video Shoot


Miawaki afforestation

Farm Solutions

Reforestation and Afforestation

Water management solutions

Soil restoration & Organic Farming

Organic/Sustainable farming services


Kitchen Garden

Resort Home Constructions

Row housing

Other Applications


Assisted Living - Senior Care

Villa row houses

Off Grid Living

Wellness Centre & Forest Therapy


Miyawaki afforestation

Our Esteemed Clientele

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