Miyawaki Afforestation

If you are on this webpage, we appreciate your step in the right direction to move away from pure ornamental gardens to Gardens and landcapes which have life in them. Let's wrap our surroundings with Live Ecosystems and Forest Bath daily. A lawn with few Palm trees is incomparable to a Dense vegetaion which houses several birds and butterflies. A Forest is energising to all inhbitants and its surroundings as well

Site preparation

Site Preparation

This involves study of Native species present, Water source, Water channels and Ground water study, Rainwater Harvest planning, soil preparation, Topsoil Rejuvenation. Plans should sync in alignment with  Nature, as a forest is a permanent asset. This needs assessment of current situation and future planning.

Sapling Procurement

Nurseries at the confluence of Eastern and Western Ghats have a variety of native plants. This is also a Sustainable way of sapling procurement encouraging the Soliga community and providing a livelihood for them. Care has to be taken to procure a variety of medicinal plants, fruit forest and avoid invasive species. This will be overseen by our Expert Team

BR Hills Saplings
Miyawaki Forest early weeks

Planting & Initial Maintenance