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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add a new question?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • What is EL Domo?
    EL Domo is a resort home with rich Biodiversity. EL Domo can be expande as EcoLogy Dome.
  • What are my responsibilities after buying the Resort Home?
    In simple language, You buy the home, we run it like a resort for you. EL Domo Private Limited will have a rental agreement with each resort home owner. Owner involvement is required for paperwork, which we will guide completely. We will complete all necessary documentation, maintain license, fulfill Govt and regulatory body requirements, maintain infrastructure & repairs, staffing and training, accounts and billing, GST regulations, gardening. Bill of accounts will be published quarterly/ as per regulatory laws.
  • Should I post ads? How will I ensure my resort home is rented maximum?
    Relax. EL Domo has a professional team to do this work. 360° marketing will be done to achieve higher and easier rentals, host art & music shows, corporate meetings and outings, Eco Destination weddings, birthday parties, adjust seasonal tariff rate with market dynamics, conduct wellness programs.
  • What are the Eco Friendly activities that will be done in my resort home?
    To begin with, the layout is planned with Ecology preservation mindset. Construction is eco friendly. A biodiversity register is maintained which includes pre project report and can be compared later. Staff are trained to educate the traveller on sights and sounds noted in the property. A slow nature walk is done educating the traveller about pausing and observing the environment more deeply. This gives a rich sense of joy. EL Domo Eco sensitive properties will aim to be detergent free zones. The property will be home to a nursery for the purposes of afforestation/ reforestation EL Domo is a signatory on Planet Earth Tourism Plastics Initiative EL Domo is also a signatory to Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism EL Domo is in the process of procuring Indian Green Building Certification There is plenty more things that we do to pursue this cause: Avoiding the use of GM products, grocery shopping in local markets only, ecological cleaning products, energy-saving lamps, separate collection & waste segregation, promote public motility - providing the timetables of the public transports or a free shuttle service to the nearest train or bus station, rent-a-bike service to let our guests discover the surroundings in an eco-sustainable way, recharge service for electric cars, flow-reducers in sinks, water-saving toilets, asking guests to help us reduce wastes - Towel change on request, collect and reuse rainwater, rational use of electricity, promote fair-trade products, aim to promote eco-friendly furniture, preserve Biodiversity in green areas - preferring native species, or plants that arise naturally in the environment of the area, Dome Shape provides natural conditioning reducing electricity consumption
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