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Modern architecture makes one think of Natural Shapes, Math patterns & Shape Psychology

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Nature is a beautiful Architect. We should enjoy all the shapes, patterns, sizes and colors that make our world so lively. Shapes are everywhere! Whether it is trees, mountains, clouds or flowers, they all present unique shapes. You can find perfect geometry in nature too. Take note of the circles and spirals of flowers or those of snails or coconut shell. But that's not all. Surprisingly, there is math in nature too! What other things do you see?

This is about the things you'll find if you go out for a walk or hike through the woods.There is a deeper meaning to these shapes and patterns in nature. Shapes and patterns in nature affect us on a emotional and mental level. Most of these shapes and natural patterns contain information or mathematical formulas that can help us understand the world better. ORANGE FRUIT: Gives more exposure to sun in winter time so it's usually a brighter color ROUND FRUIT: Shaped like a ball so it rolls easily and is easier to gather by animals

Designers and artists have been fascinated by the psychological influence of shapes for ages, from the old idea that rectangular objects are easier to work with, to the suggestion that circular images are more approachable. Architects have been using equations to create beautiful and functional buildings for over a hundred years.

Have you ever wondered why the human nose is pointed on the end? It's to make way for air to go in and out of our body more easily. Even though earlobes are small and have no real purpose for us, they have many functions. They move about and expand as blood flows through them during exercise or a change in temperature. They contain sensory hair cells that can detect changes in sound pressure to send signals to the brain telling us if we’re in dangerous situations such as a hurricane or tsunami.

While we in the computer age are constantly exposed to rectilinear steely surfaces, a shape that has been around for a long time and yet retains it appeal is the circle. Definitely strong, the circle has given us yttrium, yttria and yttorium, not to mention the chink in one's armor. The shield is a timeless design regardless of what ancient weapons you use to attack it. Why then do we ignore such timeless designs?

Imagine buildings where the structure was inspired by nature, creating structures that are visually pleasing and environmentally friendly. The world is filled with beautiful buildings and we want to bring more sense and logic to their design. We all know how powerful nature's patterns can be, so why not use them to inspire our art? What if we could build entire cities using natural forms as our inspiration?

With several iterations being created daily, good design is never a stagnant concept. As you move through your day, you are surrounded by items created by designers who used geometry to influence their designs. They use different types of geometrical shapes to convey different ideas, send different messages and highlight different aspects of products. If you could design a building from scratch, wouldn’t you want it to be creatively stunning and energy efficient?

We reimagine the future of architecture for you.

Domes are a perfect example of innovative thinking in architecture.

Biomimicry leads the way to sustainable design, providing architects and designers with tools, techniques, and insights to create more livable environments for future generations. We’re here to help bring your ideas and projects to life. We’re experts in making the future of sustainable design happen today. A recent Yale study concluded that monkeys choose to play with glowing spheres and move away from triangles. It seems we're naturally attracted to shapes with curves, and tend to avoid sharp angles. Aside from relieving our stress, certain types of shapes and colors can also increase productivity and motivation in the workplace.

Dome-shaped construction generates the most number of positive shape associations in human minds, and will help your family dynamics to upgrade. Dome houses are energy efficient, reducing heating and cooling costs, while keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer…

Talk to a dome expert, such as our founder, who knows that the secret to building a dome house is thinking inside the "dome." Dome houses are built using curves instead of right angles. The result is even load distribution: a stronger, better-looking house with more natural light and increased energy efficiency that lasts for generations.

Domes are strong and beautiful. Our Director Yuvaraj's dream of designing and building dome structures came about through a lifetime of seeing nature's shapes and thinking of the most practical and eco friendly material to use. We build for clients who appreciate the beauty of natural design and want to include it in their homes, not only beauty in form but also in function.

Live the Dome Life

Psychology of Shapes and Architecture
Psychology of Shapes and Architecture

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