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Nature and the Man

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Like any other creature, man was meant to live with nature.were to breathe the natural air, drink the natural water, eat the natural food and become a part of the nature. The word natural has been purposefully used over the adjective word fresh. The natural way of life is beyond just freshness.

We should also give back to nature what we take from it. Only then will this cycle continue. The only difference between us and the rest of nature is our intelligence. How then can we destroy the rest?

We have a duty to preserve and enrich our environment. Every action we take leaves a carbon footprint on mother nature. Are you aware? When we build a house in the midst of nature, though we're only destroying a small area, and probably our gardens as well, the impact we're having on nature or rather the ecology of the area is much greater. The changes in rain water flow caused by our house might cause certain downstreams to dry up.

Many organisms might lose their habitat as a result of your habitat, from earthworms underground to butterflies in the air and elephants and tigers on the land. Though we may think we are living in the midst of nature, our actions could lead to the extinction of a rare organism.

EL Domo India is dedicated to ensuring that every project we build is environmentally friendly. The dome houses are located at strategic locations to ensure that they do not impede the flow of water and the environment. Heavy machinery such as JCBs is not used for construction. A dome house is considered a natural shape. Come live with us and you'll learn more about living with nature.

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