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Guide To Holiday Home Renting

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

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How should I choose a property to rent as a holiday home?

If you want to consider renting out your property while you're away, Make sure you choose a property that is a popular tourist attraction. The good news is that you can often buy a larger property for a relatively lower price tag in a less popular location that is on the way to becoming one of the major tourist destinations in a few years from now.

When you buy a property for holiday use, consider a property that caters to a wide population. You can investigate what profile of travelers visits a particular location. Even a 2-bedroom property will suit your needs if it is a honeymoon destination. When visiting a golf destination, golfers are ideally accompanied by their buddies.

Here, a property that can comfortably accommodate a group of people is a better choice. Consider also the type of travelers you would like to rent this property to. A spacious villa is better than a studio property if you want to appeal to families.

Consider the property's long-term value as well. You should invest in properties with stunning views of mountains, luxurious balconies, and direct sea views, as these will not only increase your marketing rental value, but also make a good investment when time comes to sell the property. Amazing views or being close to the beach may come at a slight premium, but it will also increase your property's appeal to tourists. So, if you want to get back more in the long run, you might want to pay a little more.

How to choose the right location for your holiday home?

For any property purchase, choosing the right location is crucial. Whether you are buying a holiday home to spend vacations with your family or renting it out to earn income in the future, location becomes even more important.

Prior to deciding on the location of your second home, consider these factors:

Buying something for yourself:

Ideally, the location should offer you some rest and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So it wouldn't make much sense to buy a holiday home within city limits. You can then decide if you prefer the beach or the mountains and accordingly look for properties there. If you plan to purchase a holiday home solely for rental purposes. Make sure the location is one where you would also enjoy yourself. In this way, you benefit too. If you are a beach person, buying in the mountains will mean you get no value from your own property. The first priority is buying for yourself, and then buying to earn from renting out.

Buying to Rent:

If you are planning on renting out a holiday home, then the location is crucial for your occupancy rate. It is highly likely that people will stay at your vacation home all year if it is a couple of hours drive from a major city. There will be more interest in your home if it is close to a tourist destination. A Cottage surrounded by mountains, but with no connectivity to major cities. During long weekends and during peak times, it may do well, but it will not fill up on weekends during the offseason.

The third step is to conduct research.

The best way to figure out the market for property and rentals is to conduct your own research. Forums on the Internet are an excellent way to find out more about buying and living in the locations you have short-listed.

Developments in the future:

Explore the locations you have shortlisted for a second home. Try to find out what the local authorities or major real estate developers are doing regarding future development when you meet with property agents.

Seasons for tourism:

Discover the peak and off-seasons of the location. You will either need to choose a place with good weather all year round, or one with dual-season potential such as a hill station. If you are purchasing a property with a definite season in mind, it is a good idea to visit the location during its off-season to see if anything attracts visitors.


Choosing a location with good connectivity - an airport, railway station, and good roads - makes sense.


Since it is a self-catering holiday home. People will want to eat out, so having a pub or restaurant nearby will make the property more appealing. Likewise, buying milk, bread and biscuits from a local shop, however small, will avoid an hour-long round trip.

Investments in real estate offer you the best options for your money and provide a fascinating world of opportunities. Real estate investments offer a guaranteed return, which is why they are deliberate ways to make slush money.

A real estate investment of any kind is always profitable as it provides income through rentals and increases in capital value. Leisure time can be spent in a second home, and in most cases, it is why people invest in this asset. As an investor, you can rent out your second home or you can sell it to profit from an increased market appreciation.

Why are holiday homes becoming increasingly popular as a luxury holiday home investment?

A growing number of urban Indians are heading to foothills, valleys and beaches to seek solitude and peace. Today, vacation homes provide a new sense of privacy and a different way of living.

We all have our favorite special places where we can relax and unwind, escape the chaos of daily life, relax and unwind, take in the scenery, hike across the countryside or swim in a clear water body. It is natural to want to be able to enjoy these quality experiences repeatedly, particularly when the entire family is involved.

Most of us are considering buying a second home or vacation home as a way to invest in real estate. Since the last few years, the investment in second homes has become a dead investment due to sluggish growth and development of the real estate sector. A property is never priceless if it is utilized to its full potential.

To make the most out of your hard earned money, you must know a few things about the investment and newly emerging market trends, before investing it in second homes, to turn a dead investment into a steady source of income.

You can save a great deal of money on taxes by taking out a home loan for a second home. Section 80C and 24B of the Income Tax Act deal with tax gains under an asset. One may claim up to 1.5 Lacs in tax benefits under section 80C and 2 Lacs in tax benefits under section 24B, respectively. Then you either pay the tax or pay the loan amount, which means that money will have to be disbursed. This money can then be invested.

Expenses & Responsibilities owning a Holiday Home

  • In addition to the cost of the second home, there are some other expenses such as furnishings, fixtures, fittings, plumbing, and security. An empty house can invite robbers if not regularly visited.

  • For a second home to benefit from market appreciation, the balance between entry and exit prices must become profitable, and this may take some time.

  • If you have a second home, you can generate some easy money by renting it out, but being a house owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Additionally, you won't be able to use it at your convenience.

  • Rental income is determined by the property, its location, and its likelihood of being rented. Investing in a high-priced property will have a direct impact on its return.

You may find it difficult to maintain a second home and it may eat into your pocket instead of providing you with a supplement to your income.

In the real estate market, however, there are always new trends, which provide new investment opportunities. Resort homes, which will suit your short-term and long-term investment goals if you are looking to invest in a second home, are one such emerging trend.

A property consultant will help you make the right choice for a second home investment to help minimize your risk and maximize your returns. By utilizing their market knowledge and network, they can assist you in choosing the right property and finding tenants.

It’s advisable to buy a second home at least 10-15 years before you stop working so that you can pay off the home loan comfortably. Also, carefully evaluate how this decision will impact your overall investment portfolio and long-term financial plan.

So, you have a beautiful property and

you need someone to take care of it

without compromising on safety and quality, while curating memorable stay experiences and looking after your home like it was their o

How about you? When do you plan to start? Would you like to buy a Resort home?

Essentially, resort homes are second homes leased to the hospitality industry for use as resorts. Resorts require a property to start and an existing asset can help you get off the ground faster than new construction.

A second home makes an ideal property to start with & it is the best way to utilize a second residence as an asset.

Resort homes offer all the benefits of a second home plus the luxury of a resort. Located mainly in a picturesque area, it can be a great place to vacation.

Since the resort management will operate your second home on your behalf, the resort homes will have all the necessary fixtures, fittings, and plumbing. This reduces your investment in a second home.

Home resorts are furnished with furniture of the highest quality and other equipment required to meet all the standards of a resort.

The resort home is a maintenance-free investment because it is maintained by the resort management. There's no need for you to worry about cleaning or housekeeping since everything is taken care of.

A portion of the revenue generated by the hospitality business will be shared with you, which will be a regular source of income for you. In addition, you may also generate an extra source of income with this maintenance-free luxury asset.

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