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Photoshoots, Bachelor Party, Fashion show, Freshers' Party, Family function, Baby shower, Team outing, Prewedding party, Farewell, Bridal shower, Brand promotion, lots more...

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Design Concepts & Experience at Sarovara

a dome house is the simplest, eco friendly, practical, affordable and wow architecture holiday home solution

- Yuvaraj

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Sarovara is in an enchanting locale just far enough to miss the hustle of the city. whilst being just a short drive on a 4 lane city exit. The place has been enriched with free grazing cows, being an erstwhile dairy farm. 
The plot of 1.5 acres is located at the boundary of Urban Bengaluru overlooking into a huge 60 acres lake in Rural Bengaluru. This same concept was indoctrinated into the Suites, with a splash pool right in front of the room with an adjacent dining lounge 


Immersive experiences 

coming soon

Domes are Wellness focussed Biophilic designs. It connects with the natural world easily having natures's secret geometry of Golden Ratio Architecture. This is the reason why it brings up a smile and love at first sight

One cannot be healthy in a sick building and the building has to blend with the surroundings. 

Each dome has a Private entrance, no common walls between neighbours


The Moon gate leads to a private open courtyard with Garden/ Garden with Splash Pool. One can have a peaceful Panchabhoota experience here, reconnecting with Earth [Garden, Sapling plantation, Pottery & Jewel making], Water [Pool/ Fountain], Air [music], Fire [Candlelights/ Campfire for lighting/ warmth/ woodfire cooking/ Charcoal Barbeque] and the Sky [Stargazing]


Moon Gate is an inviting entrance of the rich upper class. It is regarded as good luck for the newly wed couples to step through.
It is symbolic of marking time with moon rise every fortnight. It symbolizes the connection between moon to the other planets, inside to outside, public to private areas, garden to garden.

Himalayan salt lamp is believed to have health benefits.

Redcues stress, mood elevation, better quality of sleep, reduces asthma symptoms and increases energy levels

Frequently Asked Questions - Accomodation

What are the activities ready now:

Barbeque set and charcoal will be provided for self cooking

Candle light Dinner
Marasandra Lakeside nature walk
Birdwatching from tower
Cricket, Badminton, Frisbee
Outdoor fire self cooking
no pitch Lawn cricket

What are the attractions nearby?

Hulukadi Betta, Makalidurga, Ghati Subramanya temple, Dibbagiri Trek,  Nandi Hills 

Future activities planned:
Amphitheatre Netflix, Amazon prime movie watch

Adventure rope activities

Visit a farmer

Boating Kayaking
Visit a local craftsman &  Learn their art.

General advisory

Avoid single use plastic and littering

No loud music after 10 pm

Grievance escalation - Step 1 - Resort Manager Shiv, Step 2 Chief of Operations Kiran

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Explain me the pricing details

Weekdays are given steep discounts than Weekend/ Holiday/ long weekend prices. This will help people to have the experience at lower prices

Price listed is for 2 persons, Extra person charge as applicable, extra floor mattress will be provided
2 kids upto 10 yrs free in a rom, above 10 yrs - same as adult charge
Welcome drink and breakfast is included in all overnight room bookings
Lunch and dinner to be paid separately, we source from a local restaurant at actual costs. In house restaurant will take few more days to setup

Payment methods:

Make the booking 

Pay by scanning QR code below or to UPI id - el.domo@ibl

or Call 8883411155 for phone booking or whatsapp to 8883411155 

What is the Reservation policy

Bookings have to be confirmed with a 50% advance paid online. Balance is payable anytime before check in

Standard timings Check in 2pm, Check out 1100 am, for any other timings pls call/ msg us